What's on your Shopping List?

I love Christmas! I also LOVE shopping! But this year I'm really struggling with a few gift ideas for my family and friends. So I thought why not have a linky party and share past gifts and what we plan to buy this year so that we all end up with great ideas!

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Husband: My husband is the most difficult person to shop for. He doesn't really need anything and never tells me if he wants anything. He's a techy person so in the past I have gotten him an Apple TV and Logitech Harmony remote.

The Apple TV is a GREAT gift! We put all of our photos onto it and all of our music. When we listen to a play list we get to see all of our pictures. We rent movies, buy movies, and use Hulu Plus on the Apple TV all the time. Super gift!

Dave loves music and I'm excited to get him this coffee table book:

It's a book by the original MTV VJ's- Mark Goodman, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter and Martha Quinn.
One of our favorite Christmas movies is Christmas Vacation. I ordered these mugs!

Mom and Dad: I'm fresh out of ideas here. Last year we bought them concert tickets to a Christmas Jazz concert. They had a whole date night and we arranged for a car to pick them up and take them. It was a big hit! 

We also bought them a camera and they use that all the time! But this year...I have no clue!

I need help here folks!

Niece: My niece is 3 years old. She LOVES anything Llama Llama. Barnes and Noble has a plush Llama Llama.

And of course Llama Llama Holiday Drama.

I'm also getting her a subscription to Kiwi Crates. I heard about Kiwi Crates from Farley at Oh Boy Fourth Grade. Kenlie spends a few days a week with my parents and I can see her wanting to do these activities with my dad ("Boppy").

Of course she'll be getting some cute outfits from Lolly Wolly Doodle and Lil Bug Clothing. She is the only baby so she gets extra spoiled!

Grandparents: My grands are getting monogrammed fleece blankets. Last year I gave my 93 year old grandfather Ugg slippers. I splurged, but he deserved those! His chief complaint is that he is cold. 

He also loves chocolate covered cherries. The chocolate cherry fudge sauce from Cherry Republic is ridiculous! Great gift for the grands and also sweet hostess gift.

Sister: Williams Sonoma has monogrammed cheese boards. I thought this board with a little gift card to Whole Foods would be a great gift so she could have some girlfriends over for a little wine and cheese!

Students: Every year I give my class new pencil boxes. I write their names all fancy in paint pen on the front and put new crayons, a holiday eraser, stickers and a holiday pencil inside. 

Tradition: Every years since we met Dave and I have purchased the annual ornament from Avalon Glassworks in Seattle. Proceed benefit the local library. We love glass ornaments and we even gave a glass ornament to all of our guests at our wedding reception. Someday we'll have a tree with only glass ornaments on it! 
They have so many beautiful items there. We went a little crazy yesterday and bought tons of Christmas stuff!

We have a snowman on our table in the foyer

I would love for you to link up your holiday gift ideas past and present! 

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  1. We are in love with our Apple TV. We also have Netflix in addition to Hulu Plus. We actually got rid of our dish because all of our favorite shows are on one of those two.

  2. You gave me a GREAT idea for the hubby....he's getting an AppleTV

  3. You have great ideas for giving gifts! So thoughtful for each person. The glass ornaments are beautiful!
    Conversations in Literacy

  4. Great ideas! I would love to find that Chocolate Cherry sauce... sounds scrumptious!
    Dirt Road Teacher


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