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 Our district has the Think Central website for our reading and math series. I experimented with it all year and it turns out it's a fantastic tool! I'm doing a training for some teachers in my district next month and I created a training document. I would love some feedback! If you have Think Central please try out some of the steps and let me know if I have missed anything. (I probably have because I've been working on this thing for days!)

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  1. This looks really good! You go way more in depth then I do. I have one group for ALL of first grade. For the assignments that I create, I use the Math Unit that we are on. I set the dates for 2 weeks after we finish a unit and start the new unit on the day that we start the new unit. I am not sure if our school has added individual classes. I love that this is there for parents...but it is overwhelming with all that is there. Your document looks good! :)

  2. Thanks for such a useful resource! I will share this with my teachers.


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