Ok, I admit it---- I can't stand teaching science. I don't find it terribly interesting. Our text book doesn't align with the state standards and isn't wonderful to begin with. Plus, our district had us teaching the rock cycle for five weeks. (Yeah, seriously.) Anyway, while I've been laid up on the couch all weekend I've been working on Living and Nonliving science activities. (Took me a while due to pain killers and naps) I also decided that since I really can't stand teaching science and I spent most of today creating my little activity that I would post it to Teachers Pay Teachers. I'll put the finishing touches on tomorrow and pop it up there.

Anyone else feel my pain?

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  1. I love teaching science! But, I can relate to your post... it's math that I hate teaching. Hope your recovery is speedy! Can't wait to check out your newest TpT item.

  2. I find parts of science fun. We're getting ready to begin plants..again. We are going to grow plants, and there are a lot more activities we can do(foldables and charts). It seems to be the more relevant part of science for my scholars...or the easiest to make relevant. One of my teammates and I are going to incorporate Earth Day/3R lessons into science this year.

  3. i'm with you. but since having to teach science i like it a lot better. the only way to get through is to do it completely hands on. Do you have access to BrainPop Jr.? I don't do a science lesson without it and I know there is a video for living and nonliving on there. We always do the extra activities on there after we watch, including pop a joke! good luck.

  4. I wouldn't like teaching science if I had to teach the rock cycle for 5 weeks either! Yuck! We are starting the Chicken Life Cycle next week and I am stoked!


  5. I'm jealous that you get to do chicks! Kinder gets to do that at our school.


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